European Union and the UK at loggerheads oversupply issues with AstraZeneca

There seems to be a cold war brewing between the UK and other European nations over the Oxford drug supply. Some nations feel the firm delivers drugs to the UK instead of them.


The UK and Europe clash over vaccine delivery


There is an ongoing issue between the European Union and Britain over vaccine supply. The tussle is about a warehouse where the vaccine is created. The British Prime Minister has called some European nations for a meeting on Thursday to ensure that various equipment of the drug will not be blocked from transition by European nations.


Some EU nations have said that there is a likelihood that a blockage of vaccines and equipment may be blocked if they don’t get enough vaccines from AstraZeneca. This isn’t the first time. Last month, Italy blocked a shipment of vaccines going to Australia after AstraZeneca failed to supply the promised jobs to the country.


The UK is the biggest beneficiary of AstraZeneca drug


However, the UK which has received the biggest vaccines in Europe doesn’t want such a fate to befall it and said every party should come together to discuss how to solve these issues. However, how this issue will be solved is hard as many European nations are still annoyed that they can’t get enough vaccines that they ordered for their citizens. Already like Armenia, Macedonia has said it seems the UK will continue to get more vaccines than the rest if nothing is done.


 EU chieftains have said their tussle isn’t with the UK but with AstraZeneca for failing to honor its pledge to many European nations. These nations say many of their citizens are in pain and their health facilities congested after the firm failed to deliver the appropriate jab it promised them. Some have threatened to block any shipment going to the UK unless their vaccine quota is met.