How to choose a washing machine?

If you are considering buying a new washing machine, you should keep in mind that it should satisfy you for a long time. But, how to choose a washing machine that meets all the necessary requirements, but is of high quality and reliable? This question arises for many who are preparing to buy this device. Find out some answers in this article.

Look at the energy label

The EU energy label is intended to be a decision aid when purchasing appliances that are as efficient as possible. The energy consumption requirements for washing machines have increased. You can read review here. That’s why new energy efficiency labels exist as of March 2021, which classify all washing machines into new efficiency classes from A to G. The label provides information on the most important purchase criteria: washing machine size, water consumption, spin class, volume, power consumption and energy efficiency.

Choose the right size

The right washing machine for you, of course, also depends on the space you have. Most washing machines are stand-alone units. In fact, the washing machine should be tailored to your individual needs. Do you really need a machine with a capacity of 8 or 9 kilos? Even though these machines have a particularly high energy efficiency class, they are only really economical when fully loaded. Because the larger the drum, the higher the water and electricity consumption.

Opt for a low noise level

If you need to install the washing machine in the bathroom or kitchen, quiet washing machines are recommended. Noise level is specified in decibels (dB): Quiet machines have a noise level of less than 50 dB during washing and less than 75 dB during spinning. As a rule, very quiet machines also have better quality components (such as bearings, suspensions, and drives), which can have a positive effect on the life of the washing machine.