How to move your music data from Spotify to YouTube in one go

If you’re passionate about music, you may want to start listening to all kinds of songs you want. So you might want to store your music data in Spotify so you can refer to it whenever you feel like listening to some good music. But there are other music storage applications including youtube. If you want to move your music data from Spotify to YouTube, you need to know how to do it. Find out how in this article.

Do it with the open web application

Your music data is very important to you. When you listen to music more often, you need to have a storage of your music data. This will allow you to listen to the music you want and when you want. This music data is often stored in Spotify. But be aware that you can move it to another application at once. It won’t be a case of moving music by music, which will make a lot more work for you. This application is youtube. Indeed, to move your music data from Spotify to Youtube in one go, the procedure is not very complicated. All you have to do is follow the requirements of these applications. Firstly, in order to successfully move your Spotify music data to YouTube in one go, you need to start by working with the open web application. You must first open this application and then click on platform which can be found in a panel on the left of the interface. By starting this process, you are already on the right track to move your music data.

The rest of the process

In order to move your music data from Spotify to YouTube, there are a few other requirements. Once you have opened the web application and clicked on the platform, you must now select Spotify as the source service. Once done, you will now select all the categories of items you wish to transfer. To do this, you need to tick the boxes that correspond to those items. You will find these boxes to your left. Then you can now select YouTube as the destination service and start the transfer process. It won’t be long now.