The benefits of the Steel Tongue Drum

Thanks to its relaxing sounds, the steel tongue drum is a very popular percussion instrument. The instrument does not require any musical knowledge or special technique. The advantage with this instrument is that when playing, there will never be any wrong notes, it is played by hand or with a mallet. Through this article, you will discover the benefits of the steel tongue drum.

A little history of the tongue drum

The tongue drum comes from the idiophone family. The sound comes from the material of the instrument itself, so there is no presence of strings, membrane or other external resonators. It can also be called a tank drum or hank drum. It has the shape of a flying saucer and is a real eye-catcher, its particular sounds give it a unique atmosphere. Discover here the best cheap tongue drum

With its tongues (tongues) whose number is very variable, the person can play any rhythms and melodies. What makes it different from other instruments is that to get something out of it no need to be an expert or a champion of music theory, eh yes, as we said above, it is impossible to distort the notes.

What does the tongue drum bring then ?

It will bring you a moment of relaxation and unwinding after a tiring day. Whether playing or listening, you will enjoy its special sounds, unlike other musical instruments. In short, you can buy them in specialized music stores. But what are the different ranges of tongue drums? 

The choice of your scale is important because it will determine the color of the sounds of your instrument and the ambiences created are not the same. The notes can vary between 6 and 9 and they are sometimes quite exotic. Indeed, you can find drum tongues tuned with different keys. For your musical career or just for fun and relaxation, the tongue drum is the ideal instrument to try new things.