Tikee 3 Pro cameras: the ideal solution for construction site recording

The time lapse camera allows the viewer to watch multiple video recordings in a short period of time. In reality, the time lapse is like a summary of a story, a person, an event or a place. The videos are made with a regular interval, so that the viewer can take the time to see the essentials. It should be remembered that the choice is up to the director as to the amount of time to apply between videos.

Real-time recording

The use of Tikee 3 pro cameras provides real help for the owner; check that it is the case in this article. In reality, the user no longer needs to be present. The devices record everything in great detail. Better still, they ensure the safety of the premises. For a construction project, there are many risks. First, the safety of the agents. Then, the quality of the materials used and the cases of theft. The cameras are therefore a bit like the eyes of the site supervisor. The latter, without being present everywhere, can closely follow the gestures and movements of all. All he has to do is use the Tikee 3 pro cameras. These cameras have a good battery life. Their wi-fi operation allows them to be used permanently everywhere. They can be placed in homes as well as in shopping centers. Also, Tikee recorders are reliable with beautiful quality time lapse.

The advantage with Tikee 3 pro cameras

One of the most appealing advantages of the Tikee 3 Pro is that they allow shots at multiple resolutions. The 4K, the 6K and the Full HD. The GPS built into the camera specifies the time and location of the video. The Tikee 3 Pro has an archiving capacity of 512 Gigabytes thanks to its memory card. This is equivalent to the JPEG format of 64,000 photos and DNG 15,000. This is huge for a conservation lover. Everything that moves can be put in the box. The great value of a camera is its ability to record. The Tikee 3 Pro cameras are the best in the business.