Visitax Cancun: how to subscribe and make a payment?

As a tourist you have to pay a visitax. This is a levy as a tax. This levy can be done online or physically. However, there are various types of visitax, especially in Cancun. This visitax is for exploring Mexico. So, this article tells you more about what a visitax is.

People who are eligible to sign up for a Visitax Cancun

For travelers or tourists who love Cancun, a Visitax Cancun is necessary. Thus, click to learn more about the Cancun visitax. In fact, there was previously no visitax to pay. It was in 2020 that the State of Quintana Roo required it for all foreigners. In fact, the visitax is a tax. An important tourist tax. So, for a tourist, this tax is indispensable. Especially for international visitors of 4 years and older. Foreigners on the other hand, who are not travelling for entertainment are not subject to it.

Time and place of payment of the visitax Cancun

The visitax Cancun can be paid at any time. Whether it is before or after your tourist tour. Nevertheless, it is usually advisable to pay it before any trip. This will allow you less hassle. It will also save you any stress. In addition, it is possible to pay the visitax online as well as at the place of accommodation. This can be in the hotel you have chosen. However, online payment will seem more accessible. The payment process is very simple. You will only have to fill in some forms and get a validation code.

Payment process

Whether online or in person, there is a form to fill out. This form asks you to mention your names, current age, passport number, an email address, etc. The limit of people to be added to this form is up to 5 people. Once the form is completed, you will get a code for your validation. This procedure will usually take 4 to 5 minutes. After validation, keep your confirmation message jealously. Above all, do not delete it.