What is the impact of a power failure on your home alarm?

Home automation offers today more and more innovative options for home security. You will see various high-performance alarm systems that can adequately ensure your security. What impact will a power outage have on an alarm? Get the details in the lines. 

An interruption in the case of a wired alarm 

Wired alarms are alarms that are set up by an electrical wiring system. They work with the electric current and in case of an interruption it stops automatically. But nowadays, there are wired alarms that are designed with an electrical independence system. Indeed, some designers have thought of the risks of cut that could interrupt the security within a house. They have therefore equipped the various detectors of these wired alarms with batteries and the alarm control panel with a battery. Thus, the system continue to work in case of a power failure. The home security system is then maintained even in case of power failure. 

Wireless alarms work at full capacity in the event of a power cut 

Wireless alarms work on the basis of magnetic radio waves. These waves ensure the connection between each detector and the control unit. Internally, the central unit has a large battery that ensures its autonomy. The detectors have batteries that allow them to function even during a power cut. This alarm system in addition to guaranteeing you a safety in any period is installed very easily. It does not require the destruction of walls, nor important works. Moreover, by following the installation guide you can install it without the need for a specific technician. In addition, when burglars cut the wires with the intention of breaking your security system, this type of alarm easily detects them. You can install a box and an inverter to guarantee a greater autonomy to your device.