ChatGPT: how to use it for free?

Artificial Intelligence, along with the tools that have disrupted the technological universe, is nowadays a trend. ChatGPT, as we call it, is one of the AI models that have revolutionized several industries. Since then, the chatbot is dominating the headlines, being the main subject of every discussion. Actually, ChatGPT has been, in a tickle of an eye, one of the game-changing apps of all time. However, some people still do not have access to it and are wondering how to use it, for free. If that is your case, let’s see together how to take advantage of ChatGPT for free without any subscription!

Register for a free OpenAI account

The very first step into using ChatGPT for free is to create an OpenAI account. In fact, OpenAI is considered as the inventor of this revolutionary chatbot. Registering for an account on their official website is a good way to use ChatGPT at its best and for free! That said, there is nothing easier to do so; all you need is a good device and data connection.
First, you just have to go on OpenAI’s official website, click on “Sign up” and register for an account. You will then have to fill out your email address, Google or Microsoft account. The website may also require you to enter a phone number for the sake of verification before accepting the creation of a valid account.

Get to know how ChatGPT functions

After creating your free account and logging in, you can start using ChatGPT for free! But prior to that, you should get to know its window and how it functions. There are several buttons on the interface of the website, and you have to know what each of them is meant for to use the chatbot efficiently.
The sidebar buttons for example are useful if you want to start new chats or when you want to go through previous conversations. You can also edit chat settings, turn off or delete chat history, etc. The interface also includes a text area where you can ask questions and receive the chatbot responses after you have generated them. There is also a button that helps you give feedback on your interaction with ChatGPT. 

Write prompts and questions

The ultimate goal of using the chatbot is to generate responses to your burning questions. GPT chatbot has been designed so that you can easily find your way and use it for free. The chatbot is also available in multiple languages and the possibilities of answers are infinite. 
You just have to enter your questions and hit the enter button to start generating responses for free! As in any other conversation model, the chatbot will start generating text and examples of answers to fulfill your need. It is even incredible how fast and accurate the responses are; a feature that is definitely challenging search engines.

Using ChatGPT for free without logging in

It is totally possible to use GPT chatbot for free without having to log in or create an account. In fact, there are many versions of ChatGPT, apart from the one offered by OpenAI. That makes it possible to use ChatGPT for free without an account. These versions offer accurate responses to questions you have asked. They are effective, and you can use them as if you have logged in.

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