Science/High-Tech - Facebook new virtual reality handband powered through ‘brain waves

Facebook new virtual reality handband powered through ‘brain waves

  Top social network, Facebook has said its new VR product will use nerves. It promises that the innovation will be available by November 2021.   Facebook fresh virtual reality to be activated by nerves   Social network firm, Facebook has just released a VR wristband that can be used to control its upcoming virtual glasses. The bank will interpret the user’s limb movement through some sensors that detect nerve signals.    Interested individuals can explore by using their limbs and fingers to perform a “press ‘ on their browsing device. However, there have been some crucial concerns raised by anonymity analysts who are concerned about what information will be stored on the innovation.    The tech company has said this new system will be able to adapt towards the...
Science/High-Tech - Understanding the Science Behind Slot Machines in Online Casinos

Understanding the Science Behind Slot Machines in Online Casinos

Slot machines are an essential part of casinos, both in physical locations and online platforms. However, many players don’t understand the complex science behind these machines. The article that follows will delve into the intricacies of slot machines in online casinos, explaining fascinating concepts including random number generation, payback percentages, and digital technology. Learn more about what makes these machines tick and how they ensure fair gaming. This knowledge could change the way you view and interact with slot machines in online casinos. Are you ready to delve into the world of digital gaming technology? Let’s get started! Underpinning the functionality and fairness of online slot machines is the Random Number Generation (RNG) algorithm. This fundamental...
Science/High-Tech - ChatGPT: how to use it for free?

ChatGPT: how to use it for free?

Artificial Intelligence, along with the tools that have disrupted the technological universe, is nowadays a trend. ChatGPT, as we call it, is one of the AI models that have revolutionized several industries. Since then, the chatbot is dominating the headlines, being the main subject of every discussion. Actually, ChatGPT has been, in a tickle of an eye, one of the game-changing apps of all time. However, some people still do not have access to it and are wondering how to use it, for free. If that is your case, let’s see together how to take advantage of ChatGPT for free without any subscription! Register for a free OpenAI account The very first step into using ChatGPT for free is to create an OpenAI account. In fact, OpenAI is considered as the inventor of this revolutionary chatbot...