Western nations impose severe sanctions on China over Uighur Muslims abuse

Top nations have given some  Chinese officials sanctions over Uighur minorities abuses. Beijing has responded with sanctions saying they are not involved.


Chinese officials sanctioned by western nations over Uighur Muslims


 Some developed nations have given China officials huge sanctions over alleged violations of Uighur minority clans. It has been reported that China has put several Uighur individuals in concentration camps in the northern region of the Xinjiang province where people say there are tortures and sexual abuses of several people.


 These sanctions are given as a collaborative effort by the UK, Canada, US, and European Union. China immediately dished out harsh sanctions on some European officials. It has continuously said it doesn’t engage in violations against any minorities in the country but wants to curb extreme religious elements in the country.



Uighur Muslims treatment violate human rights



However, UK international secretary Mr. Dominic Raab has stated that these inhumane treatments by these Uighur Muslim minorities violate human rights. The European Union sanctions consist of travel suspensions, and asset freezes especially those that stay in the Xinjiang area. The following are the officials sanctioned: Chen Ming, Wang Mingshan, who are members of the Xinjiang political communist party. The EU says the above officials are the ring-leaders of the abuses.


He described the assault on the minorities. There have been various reports about how Chinese officials have treated these minorities with ridicule. Even though there has been pictorial evidence to suggest Chinese officials have engaged in these acts. While China has denied many western activists and NGOs from having unrestricted access into the regions. Canada and the UK have frozen the assets and banned the passports of close friends and associates.


 They insisted that until clear evidence proves these inhuman abuses have stopped, the man remains. Uighur people stay in very difficult terrains so accessing them is hard.